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Why Choose Glass Pool Fencing Over Other Types of Pool Fencing?

Installing a glass pool fence around your pool will give your outside area a stylish and contemporary finish. If you are looking for a seamless, modern look to your pool area then glass fencing is the only way to go.

Glass Fencing Celebrates Your Pool

If you want to celebrate your pool then don’t lock it away, out of sight, behind metal grills.

Why block the view of your pook with a screen of metal bars when you could have an elegant, aesthetically pleasing glass barrier.

Having a pool in your garden is a great asset. It adds value to your property and you should want to show it off.

Glass panels ensure an uninterrupted view of the pool from your house.

They open up the outside area by allowing a seamless vision that is not obstructed by heavy, unsightly gating.

Simple, Clean and Stylish Pool Fencing

Glass fencing is simple, clean and stylish and adds a timeless elegance to your property.

What About Safety?

Worried about Safety of Glass Fencing Compared to Other Pool Fencing?

Dont be.

Australian standard glass panels are toughened, very safe and extremely durable. A glass fence is usually between 10mm to 12mm thick.

In addition being made of safety glass, in the extremely unlikely event a glass fence is shattered, it breaks into safe, manageable granules.

Compared to Other Pool Fencing Glass is Hard to Climb

The glass is not easy to climb on either, the surface doesn’t allow good grip and so it makes it harder for adventurous kids to gain access to the pool.

With the introduction of new pool fencing regulations amidst the continuing rise of statistics revealing the number of accidental drownings in backyard pools, safety is of paramount importance.

Pool Fencing You Can See Through

Glass fencing complies to all safety regulations and also allows you to literally see through the barrier to what’s happening in the pool.

The confidence of being able to see who is in the pool at any one time cannot be underestimated.

Whether you have just installed your dream pool or are freshening up your exiting pool, glass fencing has other pool fencing beat.

Add sophistication, style and security to your pool with glass fencing.

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